KRC Rules


1. The Library remains open from 09.00 AM to 05.30 PM on all working days (Monday to Friday).
2. A reader, using the Library shall enter his/her name eligible in the register kept at Circulation Counter.
3. Private belonging like Bag, Books, files, etc. shall be kept on the property counter near the entrance of the Library.
4. Silence should be observed in the Library.
5. Eatable are not allowed within Library building.
6. Smoking, spitting and sleeping are strictly prohibited in the Library.
7. The readers shall be responsible for any damage or mutation done to the Library books or periodicals.
8. After consultation, the reader shall leave the documents on the table. The Library staff shall place these back on the shelves.
9. The users are expected to cooperate with the Library staff for availing best of services.

Guidelines for using e-Resources

KRC Membership & Circulation Rules

 Circulation Guidelines:

  1. General Books and Bound Volumes are for Circulation.
  2. Reference books, Loose issue of journals and Serial publications will not be issued.

               Timings: 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

Internal Membership (Free):

               Entitlements: Borrowing limits will be as under

S. No. Category No. of Documents Entitled
1. Group IV
2. Group III
3. Group II
4. PA/ RA/ JRF/ SRF/ Research Fellow
5. Common Cadre Staff
6. Ground Staff / Peons/ Helpers etc


             Duration: Loan period for all users is for 30 days.

             Fine: Fine will be charged Rs. 1.00 /- per day for delayed return / Overdue Documents.

External Membership (On Payment Basis):

  1. Research Scholars (pursuing Ph.D. and M. Phil.): Annual fee – Rs.500/- with 150 pages of photocopy/Softcopy free;
  2. Faculty Members: Annual fee – Rs.1000/- with 300 pages of photocopy/Softcopy free;
  3. Corporate Membership (for R&D Executives): Annual fee – Rs.7500/- per 03 persons with 500 pages of photocopy/Softcopy free;
  4. Guest Users: For 06 months (non-extendable): Rs.250/- with 50 pages of photocopy/Softcopy free;

Photocopy and document Delivery Charges for External/Non Members:

  1. Rs.50/- per article upto 10 pages and Rs.5/- per additional page (delivery by post).
  2. Rs.3/- per page (delivery at the KRC Circulation Counter).