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Capelo-Martínez Antibiotic Drug Resistance 9781119282549
Bonev Bacterial Resistance to Antibiotics – From Molecules to Man 9781119593522
Rahbari Biomarkers in Drug Discovery and Development – A Handbook of Practice, Application, and Strategy, Second Edition 9781119187547
Sippl Epigenetic Drug Discovery 9783527809257
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Fotaki In Vitro Drug Release Testing of Special Dosage Forms 9781118675748
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Caron Practical Synthetic Organic Chemistry – Reactions, Principles, and Techniques, 2nd Edition 9781119448914
Veenstra Proteomics for Biological Discovery, Second Edition 9781119081661
Plowright Target Discovery and Validation – Methods and Strategies for Drug Discovery 9783527818242
Atlas of Clinically Important Fungi
Bioinspired Materials Science and Engineering
Classical Methods in Structure Elucidation of Natural Products
Communicable Disease Control and Health Protection Handbook, 4th Edition
Diagnostics to Pathogenomics of Sexually Transmitted Infections
Evidence-Based Infectious Diseases 3e
Fungi : Biology and Applications 3e
Infectious Diseases – A Geographic Guide 2e
Microbes for Climate Resilient Agriculture
Microbial Sensing in Fermentation
Molecular Data Analysis Using R
Moonlighting Proteins: Novel Virulence Factors in Bacterial Infections
Organosilicon Chemistry: Novel Approaches and Reactions
Polymers for Biomedicine: Synthesis, Characterization, and Applications
Practical Synthetic Organic Chemistry: Reactions, Principles, and Techniques
Preservation of Cells: A Practical Manual
Recent Advances in Trace Elements
Somatic Genome Variation in Animals, Plants, and Microorganisms
Target Discovery and Validation : Methods and Strategies for Drug Discovery
Temperature-Responsive Polymers – Chemistry, Properties and Applications
Wound Healing: Stem Cells Repair and Restorations, Basic and Clinical Aspects
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